Send SMS and Viber messages from your Google Sheets

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Sending SMS

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Prices start at 0.031€ per SMS and as low as 0.003€ for Viber messages. Pay online with credit/debit card or PayPal


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Add-on Menu

Access it from the Google Sheets Add-ons menu.

Add-on menu options:

  • Send SMS - Sends SMS to any phone.
  • Advanced Messaging - Fully customizable SMS & Viber messenger.
  • Settings - Settings for your messaging account.
  • Map Columns - Map sheet columns to messaging parameters.
  • Custom Functions - Opens sidebar with Custom Functions detailed reference.
  • Enable/Disable Custom Functions - One-click toggle for the messaging Custom Functions.
  • Usage - Help menu.

Send SMS

Send or Schedule SMS from any sheet with just a few clicks.

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Advanced Messaging

Send or Schedule SMS or Viber messages from any source

Fully featured and customizable 3-step wizard.

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Custom Functions

Rich set of messaging Custom Functions for Google Sheets.

  • EASYSMS( ) Sends SMS from sheet with mapped columns
  • EASYSMSTO( ) Sends SMS from any sheet
  • EASYVIBER( ) Sends Viber message from sheet with mapped columns
  • EASYVIBERTO( ) Sends Viber message from any sheet
  • EASYVIBERSMS( ) Sends Viber message with fallback SMS from sheet with mapped columns
  • EASYVIBERSMSTO( ) Sends Viber message with fallback SMS from any sheet
  • EASYVALIDATEPHONE( ) Validates phone from sheet with mapped columns
  • VALIDATEPHONE( ) Validates any value for phone

Documented under the Add-on menu Custom Functions.