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Send RSVP and receive confirmations in your Google Calendar

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Receive RSVP confirmations straight in your Google Calendar

No subscriptions

The messages you buy never expire, you can use it whenever you want

Easy to use

Select an Event and schedule Reminder or RSVP

Send SMS and Reminders

Set your Reminders easily and get informed on each appointment status

No monthly fees

Use when you need. There are no monty or annual fees

Worldwide coverage

Works in all countries

Import Appointmens from Google Sheets

With just a few clicks insert all your appointments from Google Sheets

Bulk Schedule Reminders

Schedule reminders for any period of time with few clicks

Custom RSVP Page

Fully customizable appearance of RSVP page

Send RSVP and Receive Confirmations

Send or Schedule RSVP's for any appointment in your Google Calendar.

RSVP Features:

  • Confirmations - Recipents will be allowed to confirm the appointment
  • Cancelations - Recipents will be allowed to cancel/reject the appointment
  • Reschedule requests - Recipents will be allowed to request rescheduling of the appointment
  • Responses - Recipents will be allowed to respond and responses will be delivered in your Google Calendar
  • All RSVP features are optional and can be configured by the Add-on Settings or for each message individually

    Coming soon

    Import Events from Google Sheets

    Import all your appointments with ease from your Google Sheets

    Fully featured and customizable wizard will guide you step by step.